The Forest Footprint Disclosure Project is managed by a Secretariat, currently hosted by the project's initiator, The Global Canopy Programme. Members of the Secretariat are:

Andrew Mitchell - Chair of the Steering Committee

Andrew MitchellAndrew W. Mitchell is a leading international authority on forests and climate change. In 2001, he founded the Global Canopy Programme (GCP), an international network linking 38 leading scientific institutions in 19 countries focused on the research and conservation of tropical forests.

Andrew has been an impassioned advocate of forest conservation for over 30 years, with a career spanning scientific research, broadcast journalism, and environmental policy. Before founding the Global Canopy Programme, he oversaw 130 field research and conservation projects in 40 countries at Earthwatch.

Andrew acts as an adviser to governments and international institutions, and is senior advisor to the Prince of Wales' Rainforest Project, established in 2007. Andrew co-founded the UK Corporate Environment Responsibility Group, and has advised on environmental policy for companies including McDonalds, Barclays and British Airways.

Andrew is a well-known media figure and is author of seven books.

Tracey Campbell - Director

Tracey CampbellA graduate in Social Anthropology from Cambridge , Tracey Campbell has worked in the investment business since 1985 as a broking analyst, a buy-side analyst and as a fund manager. After taking an MBA at INSEAD in France in 1990 she worked for Fidelity as an analyst and ran their German country fund before moving to the Capital Group where she spent 14 years c overing the food and household sector as well as having responsibility for European small cap companies. She recently earned an MSc in Agricultural Economics at Reading University and became the Director of Forest Footprint on September 1st 2009.

Steven Ripley – Senior Manager

Steven RipleySteven was the principal developer of the FFD Project from inception to its first public launch in June 2009, including raising start-up funding and establishing the FFD Steering Committee. He is intimately involved with all aspects of the project’s management, coordination and direction. Other recent work includes structuring a proposal for a large-scale initiative to demonstrate a regional ‘Payments for Ecosystem Services’ system in South America. Formerly Steven was with the United Nations at the Paris-based World Heritage Centre. There he managed the World Heritage Forests programme, including a major initiative to improve management effectiveness of protected areas on the World Heritage List. He has also worked as a consultant to WWF coordinating the development of a regional workshop for East and West Africa.

Liz Crosbie - Technical Advisor

Liz CrosbieLiz Crosbie, Managing Director of Strategic Environmental Consulting in the United Kingdom, has been a sustainability strategy consultant for nearly 20 years working with the private sector globally. She has particular knowledge of corporate policy, supply chain management, product development and all aspects of foot-printing, including ensuring the sustainability of raw materials; as well as responsible marketing and communications. Sector experience includes manufacturing, retail, publishing, finance and the social sector, including managing civil society partnerships such as buyers groups and Roundtables.

Liz has also contributed to the development of commodity supply chain traceability and certification through participating in the development of the Forest Stewardship Council (in the FSC UK Promotion and FSC Swedish Chain of Custody Working Groups), the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) (in the Verification, Trade and Traceability and Disputes Working Groups) and the WWF Forest and Trade Network (in the Paper Sector Working Group). SEC has also acted as an advisor to the WWF, RSPO and the Responsible Jewellery Council on traceability challenges.

Liz is Co-author of ‘Strategy for Sustainable Business’ (McGraw Hill 1995) and taught on the ground-breaking Brunel Environmental Management Masters from 1993 to 1999 training managers in sustainability. She is a graduate of the London School of Economics and the University of Westminster.

Christoph Harwood - Investor Engagement

Christoph HarwoodChristoph Harwood is responsible for the FFDP's engagement with the investor community. When not doing this he runs his own consultancy, Marksman Consulting, which focuses on environmental finance and sustainable investing. He has spent his working life in both line and consultancy roles including spells at McKinsey, Shell and UBS working both in the UK and overseas.